The Elizabeth Street Epiphany by Aaron S Gallagher

Elizabeth Street Epiphany

If you follow my blog, you know that I love series, especially if the characters are people you would want to know and maybe even be friends with, so it should not be a surprise that I love Gallagher’s newest book in the Bennett & Demarko mystery series.  This 4th book is grittier than the first three, has more action and is more thought provoking.

Bennett is doing everything she can to prove that Demarko is not guilty of murder.  She is also working really hard to stay afloat financially. Her days are spent finding clues to who did kill the woman Demarko is serving time for killing and her nights filled with being a bounty hunter.  The bad news is that every time Bennett finds a clue, the legal system (police, FBI, Judges, etc) is not interested in it, and to top it all off, various thugs are sent to warn her off continuing the search.

Seriously, Gallagher is a first class writer.  Once again, you will not regret reading them.

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