The Last Straw by Ed Duncan

The Last Straw

This is a rather dark, crazy story about a young girl who witnesses a murder.  The police want her to testify if they get the killer. Her Mom and Dad have split and Mom is traveling the world without itinerary.  Her Dad is raising her and the two of them live in an apartment complex where they have becomes friends with the lawyer downstairs. Someone kills the girl’s dad and pretty quickly they all figure out that the bullet was meant for the girl.  The killer, a young man, has no previous criminal record and no connection to organized crime, so why is somebody trying to off the witness?

Meanwhile there is a “working girl” or prostitute who is beaten up by a “John”.  Her elderly neighbor helps her as does her boyfriend who is a hired gun. The boyfriend decides that no one should beat up a woman regardless of what she does for a living.   

The characters are intriguing. The story is really one of constant twists and turns.  The reader cannot see what all is coming because the reader is being pulled into the story brimming with a large diversity of characters.  There is a lot of grey in the book, so fans of black and white (in terms of morals and values) may be less thrilled with the results. An intriguing read to say the least!

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