Death in the Beginning by Gary Williams and Vicky Knerly

Death in the Beginning

This is an exciting read – like Dan Brown’s books – it is fast paced and full of action, especially at the end of the book.  The story is clever, with interesting historical information that is well researched. There is a conspiracy to keep hidden a biblical and mythological (yes, both at the same time) truth.  While trying to keep the new truth a secret, multiple events occur: new sites are discovered and powers that be want to capitalize on the tourist trade, murders are being committed, businesses wrecked and homes torn apart.  

Here is my issue.  The historical and Biblical are great and I can even get behind 90% of what the author wants me to buy into and thus suspend my disbelief’s, but there is no way that an internationally recognized, respectable archaeologist would ever handle sites or materials the way the people did in this book.  It simply would not happen, no matter how powerful the objects found are or how much it would change the world. It is disappointing to have so much good research in a book and then have it fail to be realistic. Having said that, it is a good read, it is interesting and it is action packed.

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