Stray Narrow by Jerusha Jones

Stray Narrow

This is the 7th novel in Jones’ Imogene Museum Mystery series.  I have read everyone of the books in this series and enjoyed them all.  Meredith, the main character, is the curator of the Imogene Museum, a Museum of collections that vary from Victorian era clothing to a criminal history of Sockeye County where the museum is located.  Meredith has recently married, inherited a rambling old home with a lot of land and begun to settle in to her new life when she discovers a young boy hiding in her barn.

The whole gang is included, Frankie, Pete, Sheriff Marge and more.  The book covers finding out who the little boy is, why he was hiding and a community coming together to help someone in need.  This book is by far the most violent of the books but when I say that I have to point out that it is a very low amount of violence.  

The book is fun and makes for a great weekend or rainy day read, but it is also probably my least favorite of all the books in the series.  Jones did not spend as much time on her lovable quirky characters as she usually does and spent more time on the crime and the protection of the young boy.  


If you have not read any of the Imogene Museum Mysteries I certainly encourage you to do so!

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