I Can See You: Psychopaths Hide In Plain Sight by Michael Leese

I Can See You

This is a very different murder mystery.  As stated on the cover, it is about an autistic Detective, Jonathan Roper.  Jonathan has left Scotland Yard and gone to work for a company that watches the news and various intel to determine threats against the Crown. Roper’s abilities lie in his level of intelligence, his memory and the links his brain is able to connect compared to an ordinary brain that would not be able to see the connections.    For example what does a new Somali pirate ship have to do with a terrorist threat to Great Britain?  It is a complicated story with a fascinating twist that will leave you believing that there is a fine line between brilliance and insanity.  

What I liked about the book in particular was Roper’s sidekick, Brian Hooley, a DCI from Scotland Yard that had worked with Roper as his partner back in the days Roper was with the Yard.  Hooley is able to work really well with Roper and understands Roper’s needs and nuances. They make a fascinating pair, both in their own ways being oddly able to adapt to each other. I am thrilled to see more and more literature that includes people with autism as I believe they are valuable people in society and the better mainstream opens themselves up to the wonders of an autistic person, the better we will all be.  

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