Murder in Grenoble by Susan Kiernan-Lewis

Murder at Grenoble

This is the 11th in a series but the only one I have read.  It is a perfectly good, stand-alone read with good character development, no holes and an interesting set-up for murder.  Two longtime friends who have suffered discord in their friendship decide to vacation together to try to mend the rift between them.  Both are older with children still at home and live in France. They decide to stay at a ski resort for a few days, relax, ski and talk things out.  The resort was at one time a very popular place, but with time has become mediocre at best, but there is still one great thing about it and that is the dining room with a floor to ceiling window view of the mountains.  

They have intentionally made their reservations for weekdays so as to miss the chaos and crowds of weekend skiers.  The first evening at the resort they dress for dinner and are beginning to relax when a loud rumbling begins and an avalanche on the mountain in front of the window begins.  They watch in terror along with the few other guests in the dining room as the slide of snow comes rushing at the glass window. A few minutes later a hushed silence and much colder temperatures revives the guests.  The ceiling is beginning to cave-in and at any minute the glass will do much more than crack under the weight of the snow. As the guests awake and move around they, discover that the chef has in fact been murdered and not killed from the cave-in of part of the kitchen.  Who killed him? Will they survive the crumbling building and cold temperatures? Will rescuers come get them out with all exits being cut off? And will the killer kill again?

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