Livi & Grace by Jennifer Lynch

Livi and Grace

What a fun, colorful book with a terrific message!  Three cheers for Jennifer Lynch and Missi Jay! It is hard to find a well written, wonderfully illustrated book for children that encourages acceptance of differences, but this goes way beyond that goal.  Lynch’s selection of words and rhyming lines weave a delightful tale of two sisters that look different, act different, like different things and yet, still love each other. Jay’s bright, vivid, colorful illustrations make the differences in the two girls look like gifts rather than issues.  

What I liked most about the book is that it is not a book about race, or religion or politics.  It would be a mistake to judge the book based on it being a story about two Caucasian girls but there lies the beauty in the book, for if we can celebrate the differences in the people in our immediate family ( two siblings who happen to be Caucasian) do we not have a greater chance of accepting the differences in people outside our families?  Not to mention growing to the point of appreciating those with more obvious differences?

I love this book and if I had multiple children or grandchildren or taught school I would definitely buy lots of copies to share!  Do not miss out on this one.

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