Refuge by Anne Booth and Sam Usher


The subtitle of this book is “The Timeless Story of Christmas”, but that is over simplifying the story.  This book, although it does deal with the birth of Christ, is actually a book about immigrants and refugees searching for a safe welcoming in a new land.  It is timeless because, unfortunately, there have always been people who have no choice but to flee from danger, who in fact are called by God (or whatever name you choose to call your higher power) to move to safety.  What if Mary and Joseph, and oh yeah, the little boy Jesus, had not been welcomed in Egypt? What if they had been blocked from entering Egypt by a huge wall or an army of troops? How different would the story have been?

Refuge is a beautifully written and illustrated book about what it looks like to understand the sacredness of life, the blessings of hospitality and the calling to be kind to others.  It should be a must read every Christmas, but it needs to be read, to all old and young, each and every time a group of people are forced to flee from any country or situation.

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