Hushabye: A Kate Redmond Mystery by Celina Grace


Kate Redman is a British detective that has just relocated to a small area outside of London.  Her first case is a murder/kidnapping. A three month old little boy has been kidnapped, his nanny killed, and there are no clues.  The child is the infant son of a well-to-do real estate investor and his new wife; the news will cover all of it. Redman must solve the crime and adapt to her new teammates all at the same time.  In the course of solving the case, Redman must reveal secrets from her past she has never told anyone, making for an emotional roller coaster ride.

This book is a quick weekend read or by the pool read.  There is not a lot of depth, and even with secrets revealed, the main character is not complicated, just very capable at her job.  I have found that many books with strong female leads have to deal with a lot of sexism, this book is a nice break from that because there is none of it.  It is always fun to read about a female detective.

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