The Defenseless by Carolyn Arnold

The Defenseless

Brandon Fisher is the newest member of a team of FBI Agents that specializes in hunting down serial killers.   The team has been sent to a small town outside of Denver Colorado to find out who is killing men that have a criminal record of abusing dogs.  The team includes his boss, Jack, a no-nonsense heavy smoker, and the potential love of his life, Paige, as well as a couple of other members. It is just a few days before Christmas so not the best time to hunt down a serial killer or be away from family.

If you are an animal lover you will find it conflicting to hate the serial killer in this book. The killer calls himself the Advocate of the Defenseless because he takes down men who have killed dogs and he does so by killing them in the same way they killed the dogs.  The laws against animal killers usually end with a fine and maybe a time frame in which a new pet can not be obtained. It is a violent story and yet one is compelled to feel like justice is somehow being done.  

This is the first in a series about Brandon Fisher so we are being introduced to the team, as well as the characters, and how they work together.  Fisher is a strong, relatable character. The team is seems to work well together, although you can see hints of future issues.

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