Against the Odds: An Anna Dawson Mystery by Mara Jacobs

Against the Odds

Anna Dawson is a successful, professional gambler with a serious reputation and well-placed connections.  She left school a year early to move to Las Vegas to gamble. Not long after she settles in, she meets a charming senior citizen by the name of Ben.  Over the years, Ben and Anna become family and he introduces her to his best friends. His group of friends were the odds makers at the casinos years before Anna was even born and were nicknamed The Corporation.  Now in their retirement, they meet every morning for breakfast and have spent the last several years teaching Anna everything they know. She has purchased a large luxury home for her, Ben and another friend of hers, a Las Vegas dancer.  They drive luxury cars and live a very comfortable lifestyle.

Recently, Anna has gone past her self imposed limits with the gambling and is in debt to a loan shark.  She will not risk her savings because that is for taking care of Ben in his old age. She finds herself breaking not only her own rules but the law as well.  In addition, one of The Corporation members is shot dead and a few days later, another one is wounded. Who is killing her friends and why, when they are all in their 80’s, retired and sweet old guys?  Enter police officer Jack Schiller: handsome, smart and with his own issues.

This is a fun weekend read.  There is a little action, a little subtle sex, and a lot of gambling.  Perfect for a good diversion!

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