Who Will Take Care of Bernard? by Jacinda Timmerman


Bernard is a baby duck.  He has been sold to a little boy who is very excited to have a duck because he has a pond in his yard.  Bernard goes through a period of adjustment brought on by moving and leaving his family behind but does so with grace and strength.  Bernard then begins to worry about how he will learn duck things from the boy. He is concerned about this issue until one day he sees two different kinds of ducks near the pond.  Once again, he gathers his strength and asks the ducks for help.

This is a Christian based book.  God is providing for Bernard through each phase of his life.  God sends him a caring boy to adopt him, other ducks to help him learn to be a duck, and strength to go through it all.  This book does a good job of teaching acceptance of others, the importance of gratitude and the process of dealing with the fear of life changes that we all face.  It is a solid read for parents to share with their children who have moved, have to be away from parents and family for a time, and a reminder that God provides.

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