Harley & the Kings of Graffiti by Denniger Bolton

Harley & the kings of Graffiti

Harley has retired after years of service as a meter reader in the small town in which he lives.  He has three pet raccoons: Cormack, Dog and Zane. They are pets that he loves, feeds and cares for that are always good for a fun story.  Harley is very helpful, taking care to pick up any trash he finds on the side of the road or clean up whenever he can. As his days of retirement fill up with caring for his pets, building his environmentally sound recycled can house and eating at his favorite dinner, he begins to notice graffiti showing up on the sides of buildings.  This is not okay with him, so he offers to paint over the graffiti for free. He does and it happens again and then again. In the meantime, his raccoons are starting to cost a lot of money because of the amount of food they are eating; canned tuna can get expensive.

Harley is a sweet old coot.  His adventures are good for a relaxed smile and the story telling is simple.  I think this is a great read for 4th and 5th graders.

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