Mia Goes to Jamaica: An ABC Journey by Warren Landrum

Mia Goes to Jamaica

Mia is the granddaughter of the author and her parents are from Jamaica.  Mia journeyed to Jamaica twice before she was 4 years old. The book is about her experiences in Jamaica as a small child.  It is a heartfelt tribute to the time Mia spent in the land of her parents.  A lovely book that reflects the importance of heritage and family.

Although this is an ABC book, it is not geared toward teaching about Jamaica, it is simply the format in which the story is written.  The author could have chosen chronological, but by doing it this way, they have a teaching tool on top of a wonderful story about a great experience.  

The illustrations are bright and cheerful.  The wording is great for young children. If I were teaching Preschool, I would use it during a unit on family or Jamaica.  

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