Chronicles of The Century by Chele Pedersen Smith

Chronicle of the Century

Lyrehc and Inot are best friends in High School.  The year is 2075 and it is the last week of school and they are busy with finals and thinking about the summer ahead.  The school administrators call an assembly of all the students and reveal to them a time capsule from 100 years ago. The capsule is opened and the items put on display for all to see. Lyrehc and Inot make their way to the display and manage to find a diary whose owner was a Janet Marsh from 1975.

Lyrehc and Inot get permission to borrow the dairy for three days so that they can read it and discover the answer to who Janet Marsh is.  The dairy is full of typical High School activities: after school clubs, popular girls, movies, Shaun Cassidy, boys and more. The girls soon discover that there is a real mystery – a robbery of several valuable diamonds.  Their adventures take them to the cemetery and to the High School on a weekend where they discover a portal that takes them back in time to see Janet and find the answers.

This is a fun read, along the lines of Nancy Drew except set far in the future.  Part of the fun is seeing the differences between the times that are 100 years apart.  There are some lessons in it that are solid but not thrown in your face. This would be a good summer read for a 6th – 8th grader.

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