Regen by Cassie Greutman


This fantasy/reality book is geared toward young adults.  The book begins with Regen celebrating her 16th birthday. Regen is a high school student outside of Washington DC who lives with her foster parents, Dan and Nina.  She has been in foster/children’s homes for years but only with Dan and Nina for about 2 years; she has trust issues. Regen has a boyfriend, Wade, with whom she spends her 16th birthday.  Regen is typical of many foster children, she does not fit in so well at school, she does not have friends, she is a loner and a little bit of a trouble maker, but not a criminal in any way.

However, Regen is anything but normal.  Regen is Fae and her heritage and/or bloodline goes back to world of Faerie.  Her Mom taught her some things about being Fae before dropping her off at a home; like the fact that she can heal from a wound or broken bones within minutes and that because of her blood, she can not tell a lie.  Unfortunately, Regen knows little about her powers or the world of Faerie, so when a team of Fae show up to take her back to Faerie she is thrown for a loop and does not know what to do.

The book is filled with both suspense and action, complete with battles between the Fae and a battle with Goblins on motorcycles.  Who can Regen trust? Will Regen be able to stay with the first foster parents she has ever cared about? What are all of her powers (you do not find out until you are 18)?  This is a very fun, cannot put it down read. Greutman does an excellent job of providing enough information and enough intrigue to keep you going until the end and then wish for more!

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