Reye’s Gold by Ruthie Robinson

Reyes Gold

Reye (Ray) and Stephen meet on a plane, both are students at the University of Texas.  They hit it off and make plans to get together. Two weeks later they meet and the chemistry between them is too strong to not acknowledge.  It is not long before they are practically living together. Both are focused on school, he law school, she undergrad. Both are long time serious soccer players.  Both have serious family commitments. Nether has ever dated a member of a different race. Are they in love? Are they strong enough to overcome the issues?

With this book, Ruthie Robinson won the 1st Annual Romance Writers Contest in 2010 that was sponsored by Sister2Sister and Genesis Press; the largest privately owned African-American book publishers.  Ms Robinson is a terrific writer that keeps you reading and wanting more. The character development is terrific, with great descriptions and depth, so that they become real to the reader. In addition, I love that she deals straight on with the issue of race in our current world.

You can never go wrong reading anything by Ruthie Robinson!

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