The Day Gravity Became Irrelevant by Ralph Rotten

The Day Gravity Became Irrelevant

Jack and Jamie are twins in their twenties.  They are both geniuses and walk to the beat of different drummers.  The two of them have the ability to create and use technology beyond what any other has ever done.  This is obvious by the AI they have created whose name is Alexis. Alexis begins to take on the characteristics of a human, including becoming jealous.  The two brothers develop a antigravity ability which they know will change the world and decide to make it clear what they have created by raising the now docked Queen Mary into the air and having it float above the ocean in one place.  Thanks to technology, the photos go viral.

But this is just what the brothers want. By doing this, the government is forced to get involved and it does.  As a matter of fact, the governments of most of the world’s countries get involved and everyone wants the intellectual property, as well as the actual device.  This is a hoot of a book! It’s pretty obvious who the character of the President of the US is patterned after and our government’s response is certainly in keeping with the times.  The good news is that there are some sane people in this book. The antics of the two brothers are fun and witty. There is a lot of technology and science in this romp, but it adds to the story.  

This is a great beach read, full of fun and laughter!

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