Insatiable by Emily Kimelman


This is the third book in the Sydney Rye mystery series. Let me begin with the fact that you do not really know why Sydney Rye is on the run.  There are hints that she was involved with killing people and that it was righteous, but in this book you do not get the details. The good news is that this does not in any way detract from the story.  It is gripping, intense, and loaded with action, all set in tropical paradises.

A wealthy couple’s daughter has been kidnapped.  Sydney has become a Private Detective of sorts and is given an assignment: bring home the kidnapped daughter.  In order to investigate freely, Sydney and her assigned partner, Blane, are to appear as a couple vacationing in Mexico. They do indeed find the girl.  What happens next is a story of betrayal, murder, manipulation and friendship that takes the reader on an action packed roller-coaster ride.

This is a great beach, rainy weekend read!

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