No Evil Is Wide by Randall Watson

No Evil Is Wide

This is a fascinating read.  Randall Watson is an award winning author and one of these awards was for Petals, which received the prize in the novella category from the 2006/07 Quarterly West.  This book is the revised version of Petals.  

The poetry of this book is astounding. It reads like a glorious symphony sounds, even triumphing over the cruelness of the world depicted within.  The story is complex and not for the fan of light reading, for this reads much more like classical literature. Watson’s story centers around an unnamed narrator and his obsession with a prostitute in a world filled with evil. In-between the story of finding her, the author weaves the philosophy and beliefs of the narrator.  The book will challenge you at every turn.

One thought on “No Evil Is Wide by Randall Watson

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    This is first fiction we published at Madville Publishing, and you could really call it poetry. We learn so much from Randy Watson every time we see him, so it was a pleasure to work with him on this. And he loves art, and had the amazing painting we used on the cover, by Charles Moody from San Antonio, in his private collection.


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