Hickory Dickory Dead by Cheryl Bradshaw

Hickory Dickory Dead

This is one twisted, tangled murder mystery!  This is the second book I have read by Bradshaw, both were well done, but I really enjoyed this one.  Maisie Fezziwig, a retired medical examiner, is a terrific character. She is smart, sexy, open minded and very much her own person.  Maisie is also a little noisy and one could say a bit bossy. When she hears a scream, late at night, coming from just down the street she just can not let it go or let the police handle it.   Knowing that the home has only recently been occupied by a young husband, wife and infant, she naturally wants to see how she can be helpful.

What Maisie discovers begins the unraveling of  series of crimes. Murder, rape, kidnapping, and evidence tampering to name a few.  The bodies and the suspects seem to keep adding up. All the while Maisie is behaving like a detective rather than a retired civil servant.  

This is a fun fast read.  My one complaint, and it is minor, is that a woman in her fifties is in no way old nor is she a senior citizen.  Maisie does in fact back me up on this as she solves the crime and gets the guy in the end.

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