Thin Air: A Jessica Shaw Thriller by Lisa Gray

Thin AIr

Jessica is a private investigator.  Her Mom died in a car accident when she was little, leaving her Dad to raise her.  Fortunately Jessica had 20 great years with her Dad before he suddenly died of a heart attack.  She finds herself lonely and empty in New York City. Realizing she needs a change, she sells everything, packs what she needs in her pickup truck and heads out to discover the country.  As a Private Investigator with a laptop, she can do her job anywhere and does, moving from town to town as clients hire her through email.

One day she checks her email, finding one with an attachment of a news photo with a headline.  It is an old photo of a 3 year old little girl. Jessica is beside herself as she recognizes that the little girl is her at age 3.  But the real issue is that the photo presents two problems: not only is it of her but the photo headline claims the girl has been kidnapped after the brutal death of her Mom, with the date revealing it was 25 years ago.     

Wow!  I am hooked!  Intriguing story line for sure and Gray definitely keeps you wanting to know more as you follow each twist and turn in the story.  A great mystery read for a beach trip or weekend read.

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