Solving Cadence Moore by Gregory Sterner

Solving Cadence Moore

I have never read a mystery written in this format, but I can certainly understand the appeal for the author to write this story in the way he did.  Since 60% of the population in the census of 2010 was under 44 years of age, using a podcast format to tell a story would be comfortable, normal, familiar, etc to the reader.  It is certainly unique. In this story, a radio station decides to do a series of podcasts about a 25 year old mystery involving an up and coming singer in her late teens who disappears one night.  Was she murdered? Did she simply decide on a different path? The police have found nothing.

The hope of course for the radio station is a mass influx of listeners, not only to the podcasts but to the live special broadcast planned at the end of the series in which they promise to reveal the solution to the unsolved mystery.  The parties involved do in fact research the missing girl, interview the important players and come up with a solution. Along the way the reader is entangled in a web of intrigue, jealousy and a surprising amount of manipulation from various angles.  One can not help but try to figure out what happened to this talented musician and why has it taken so long to find the answers. This one will keep you interested and anxious.

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