Jackson: Eternity Springs: The McBrides of Texas by Emily March


This is the first in a series based on the McBrides of Texas.  It is a romance but has what I consider to be a little more grit than the typical romance.  There are three cousins, Tucker, Boone and Jackson, that inherit a large piece of property right by Enchanted Rock in the Hill Country of Texas.  This book focuses on Jackson, a songwriter/performer that does not want the big time, he just wants to write and play music, but has lost his muse since his divorce and custody battle with his very wealthy celebrity ex wife.  Determined to not get involved for a very long time, Jackson decides to move to the property and start setting up a resort.

The book has lots of fictional places in it like Redemption and Ruin Texas but it also mentions Austin and Enchanted Rock.  The setting descriptions are true to the Hill Country area, as are the small towns and the people that live there. The book follows Jackson through a year of his life as he processes the divorce, the loss of his daughter and a possible new love.  His struggles read true and you can not help but feel for him and want the best for him. Any time a book connects you to a character it is a good read. This is perfect for a weekend read, beach read or rainy day read. Fun, light and leaves you feeling happy.

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