Secrets & Lies: “Lies” Mystery Series #4 by Andrew Cunningham

Secrets & Lies

Del Honicutt finds himself in the middle of a family war.  Del and his girlfriend Sabrina own a house that is divided into three condos, they live in one, a second grade school teacher, Mo, lives in one and a crotchety old man, Seymour, lives in the third.  All is well until one night there is a lot of noise and they discover Seymour standing in the hall with a shotgun in his hand and a dead body across from him without much of a head. Now don’t worry, there is not much more violence in the book but there is some laughter, some mystery and adventure as the four tenants come together to find out who the dead man is and why he was after Seymour.

Cunningham does a terrific job of making the story witty and fun, rather like a summer romp with a serious underside.  The four fly back and forth across the country searching for the answers. There are several surprising twists but it all adds to the story.  Oh, did I mention there is an alligator attack too? And something about the Fountain of Youth as well?

A great weekend read, beach read or rainy day read!

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