The Wedding Trap by Adrienne Bell

The Wedding Trap


This is a quick fun read; perfect for a rainy day or beach read!  Beth hasn’t had a steady boyfriend in a while and the pressure from her Mother and others is definitely getting on her nerves, so she does what any healthy, independent woman would do and creates a fake boyfriend named Charlie.  Charlie is a fabulously handsome, smart, successful man who works very hard in the music business. He travels frequently (and because he does not exist), is not around much. Beth’s best friend Isobel is getting married at a destination wedding and Beth is the maid of honor.  Unfortunately, Charlie has to work that weekend and can not make the wedding. Isobel understands as she is the only other human being that knows Beth’s secret.  

Alex Tanner is a CIA operative who is assigned to the very hotel where the wedding events are located.  His mission is to watch every move Isobel’s uncle makes while at the wedding. Alex was a Navy Seal turned highly trained investigator with serious skills, a body only the gods could have made and the unique ability to be charming.  Munoz is a mob guy from Venezuela who is using the wedding as a way to make some connections in the US. Beth witnesses a handoff and Alex is assigned to protect her.  

This is a very fun, well written, somewhat cheeky action-adventure sexy romance story.  You will not be disappointed, you will smile, maybe even giggle and not put it down.

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