The Universal Christ: How a Forgotten Reality Can Change Everything We See, Hope For, and Believe by Richard Rohr

The Universal Christ

Richard Rohr is my favorite living theologian, so to say that he has written a great book may sound like I am just a typical fan, but believe me when I say this book has the power to change Christianity and help bring about the paradigm shift so very many of us are longing to see happen.  Rohr has taken a lifetime of experience, knowledge, and training, rolled it all together and created his magnum opus. 

In this book, Rohr teaches that Christianity has changed in just the last couple of hundred years to a much different set of beliefs than originally developed and practiced after Jesus’ death.  He makes it clear that we stand at a period in which humans have access to more scientific information and theological documents than ever before. These discoveries can now be put together to take us back to what Jesus was actually saying and trying to accomplish in his short life.  

This book takes us past any religious boundaries to help us understand the cosmic, universal Christ; the Christ that lives now, not the historical Jesus that walked on the earth as a man.  Just as Brene’ Brown’s book Braving taught us how to deal with the current political situation, Richard Rohr’s book guides us in how to deal with the current religious situation and on the highest level how to do so from any religious point of view.

This is absolutely a must-read for anyone struggling with The Church, a church, theology, the idea that Jesus is the savior of the world or the Religious Right.

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