Treasure in Exile by S. W. Hubbard

Treasure in Exile

Although this is the 4th book in a series it works very well as a stand-alone mystery.  Audrey Nealon has recently married her police detective husband Sean and one of the interests they both share is volunteering at the Rosa Parks Community Center.  Even Audrey’s retired math professor father volunteers at the center. As is typical of charities, money is always needed to keep the center updated, so a prominent socialite, Loretta Bostwick, puts on a fundraising event everyone attends.  When on the night of the big fundraiser Loretta falls from the upstairs balcony and dies, everyone is in shock and wondering if it was really just as an accident.   

While Audrey’s husband gets involved in discovering whether or not it was murder, Audrey learns that one of the wealthiest women in town has died and left all her money and estate to the Rosa Parks Community Center.  Audrey owns an Estate Sale Business and she really wants the job of liquidating the estate for the Center.   

This story is full of twists that never stopped surprising me.  It is great fun to read and has lots of interesting subplots; history, race issues, social disgraces, giving people a second chance, some action and of course nasty criminals.  The main characters are fun. Audrey is a smart, hardworking independent woman, her assistant Ty is a former prisoner who has turned his life around and is attending college, the new member of their team is Donna who is stereotypical “blonde” looking but smart, and the bad guys are entertaining to hate.  

I would certainly file this under enjoyable cozy mysteries to read!

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