If She Saw by Blake Pierce

If She Saw

I want to start by saying that I enjoyed this book.  It is a fast, action, suspense, thriller that I read in a 24 hour period.  I like books that I speed through, kick back and enjoy; this fit the bill. Retired FBI agent Kate Wise is having a hard time with retirement.  Part of the issue is that having so much free time tends to lead to inner probing, which then leads to questioning your life decisions and guilt.  Kate struggles with this and the impact her decisions, a busy but successful career as an FBI field agent, has had on her daughter and will now have her on granddaughter.  This struggle becomes more of an obsession as Kate gets pulled back into service to solve a serial killer case while she is babysitting her granddaughter.

One of the things I liked about this book was the struggle.  Kate became much more real as I read of her trying to figure out how to balance the personal side of her life with her career.  Women who have it all, career, family, home, etc do have the struggle and anyone who claims otherwise is lying to themselves. Since Kate is a bit of a superhero in terms of her career, it makes complete sense that her personal life might have some issues because no one can give 100% to both.  

Kat and her fellow agent DeMarco, a woman who has only been in the field for a few years, take on the case of the serial killer in Virginia.  As the story goes there are 5 people who have been brutally killed but no apparent connection between them, 2 couples and a single career woman.  There is one thing left at each crime scene that links the killings and that itself is going to be like finding a needle in a haystack. The two women work well together establishing a partnership without much trouble, which I believe adds to the story as does the fact that it is two women partnered.  

I do not want to ruin the story by giving away spoilers so I am not going to, you will have to read the book.  It is worth the read and I would be surprised if you don’t find yourself wanting to read more in the series.

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