The Cure: A Skyler Flanigan Mystery by Matt Day

The Cure

This is an interesting beginning to a new series by Indie Author Matt Day.  Already having a series about Charlie Flanigan, a Private Investigator, Day spins a new series with Charlie’s son, Skyler, who has taken over the Private Investigation business after his Father’s retirement.  Day has done something unique in this novel by not introducing Skyler until well into the story. I was surprised to find out the story was about him but it was done in a fun and different way.  

Day has written a rather complex story, but with a wonderful simplicity for those that want a fun read without depth, thought provoking without causing life changes.  Harry and Ian both experience close personal loss due to opioids. They both handle the loss differently; Harry leaving the church after growing up a fundamentalist preacher’s kid and Ian maintaining his faith.  The two meet and decide to find a way to put an end to addiction. They find and create a cure for addiction but big pharma and the drug cartels come after them.  

This book provides the reader with action, plot twists, and provocative questions and answers pertaining to right and wrong, morals and religious convictions.  Day does this in a rather non-confrontational manner with enough excitement and interest to keep the reader engaged and thoughtful. There is no need for any kind of offense, just a good solid read with some substance.  Enjoy!

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