Sweet Deal Sealed by Judith A Barrett

Sweet Deal Sealed

I really enjoy books that demonstrate the value of giving people second chances and how love overcomes hardship; they just leave you feeling joyous and hopeful.  Barrett has written a book that does exactly that. The main character is Karen. Karen has just been released from prison and is determined to start over. She ends up moving to a small town, buying a house and a donut shop.  The donut shop comes with a dog and a cat that instantly adopt Karen as their own. As the shop gets up and running Karen notices a little boy hanging around looking in the windows. As the story continues, she becomes friends with the boy and they change each other’s lives.  I do not want to spoil it so no more details! I will say that it was so good I am reading the others in the series! Just a fun read with a feelgood ending!

Warning: Do not read this book if hungry!  The various donut descriptions will drive you crazy!

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