Ragel’s Brood By Anthony Awtrey

Ragel's Brood

I confess: I love dragons!  I want one of my own, but honestly have no where to keep one.  This read was a no brainer for me to pick up, but I must say I was thrilled with the contents.  Awtrey has written a story about a family of dragons. Mom (Saah), Dad (Ragel), three broodlings (how cute is that!).  He even provides the broodlings with a history of their parents relationship and courting rituals. The story follows the birth and early years of the broodlings .  As you know, the biggest threat to a dragon is humankind, so par for the course, Ragel and Saah can not stand “two-legs”. There is even a really bad King who sits on a throne made from a dragon’s skull, which angers the dragons profoundly.  

Ragel’s Brood is such a well written, interesting book that I could not wait to read the second one.  I highly recommend this book for third through 8th graders or anyone that likes dragons!

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