Naahla’s Pet by Anthony Awtrey

Naahla's Pet

The second book in the series by Anthony Awtrey is as good, if not better, than the first!  In this story the broodlings, Naahla, Chehna, Rahja and Grenja all come of age. Naahla has done the worst her parents can possibly think of and found herself a pet that she brings home and insists on keeping. Considering that the pet is a “two-leg” named Jure, her parents actually handle it pretty well. The book covers flying lessons, which include Naahla learning to fly carrying her pet.  In addition the broodlings get to go to their first annual meeting of the broodmeet. The annual broodmeet is where all the dragons in their brood (think of it as a tribe) meet together to solve issues.  

At the first broodmeet, Naahla decides to take her pet, Jure, with them.  The dragons that have gathered are not happy at all with this pet, but the broodlings of the other dragons get along well with Jure as they all play together.  Jure and Naahla have developed such a close relationship that they have taught each other their languages. The dragons slowly begin to tolerate Jure when they learn she can speak their language, but trust is far in the future.  The main issue of the meeting is the damage the two-legs have done to the brood of dragons. The dragons have reeked revenge on King Thorn and the two-legs have lashed back with more fighting. General Grist is determined to beat the dragons and thus is constantly developing new weapons to use against the dragons.

This is a story of a brave, empowered young female dragon who ends up solving her parents; and in fact her whole communities, problems.  It is very well written and a real page turner. This is written for ages 3rd grade through 8th. Yeah for the dragons!

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