Death Comes in Threes by Kimberley O’Malley

Death Comes In Threes

Addie is single, in her thirties and owns a bookstore.  Her two great aunts live a few blocks away and she has two little dogs that go everywhere with her, even to work.  Her BFF is Gray, a hopelessly gay man that her aunts keep wanting her to date. Her life is pretty great, although a husband and baby would not be a bad thing.

On her way to work one morning she discovers a dead body in the garage of a house down the street.  The police officer that shows up is really good looking and sweet, which does not help her fainting spells.  Addie just wants her life to get back to normal and maybe date the police officer, but in the meantime, why was the dead guy in her bookstore a few days ago, you know the really creepy guy who kept staring at her and never bought anything?  Of course, he did have a strange accent so obviously was not from around here.  

This is one of the best cozy mysteries I have read.  The characters are a hoot, the two great aunts are darling, and who doesn’t want to own a bookstore!  Oh, and I personally want dogs that are that well trained! The one issue with the book is that even though O’Malley wraps up the story nicely, you do not find out why the bad guys were after Addie.  My hope is that the answer is in the next book that I am definitely going to read. Enjoy!

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