Deadly Chapel by N. C. Lewis

Deadly Chapel

Doris is a journalist who has just moved to the seaside town of Skegness with a new job at the local newspaper, when she receives an invitation to her ex-husbands wedding.  Doris, who divorced him after becoming a drug addicted alcoholic, decides to go to the wedding, especially since it happens to be in Skegness and not London where he is living.  It turns out that his bride to be is from Skegness therefore making it the logical site for their wedding. Doris’s somewhat nosy but helpful landlady decides that she will be Doris’s plus one so as to help Doris make it through the wedding.  

In the meantime, Doris’s new boss is fired and the newspaper is taken over by the new boss from hell.  The boss fires all the long term, older journalists and then makes it clear that every move has to be run by her each day; nothing like micromanaging!  In addition, her ancient car breaks down and she does not have the money to fix it. Although Doris has been sober for several months, the thought of a drink is becoming more attractive by the minute.

Doris and her Landlady attend the wedding, but as the bride appears, the chapel experiences an electrical blackout and there is panic.  The lights come back on and the bride is gone. The idiot police decide it is a runaway bride and dismiss the situation, while Doris’s ex-husband turns to her for help.

This is a good read and the search for the bride and what happened to her is well done.  Lewis did a good job with the characters, but if you are looking for the focus to be on drug or alcohol addiction, this is not the book.  The mystery is the story. Doris is a brave, strong, empowered woman who happens to have baggage.

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