Mid-Century Murder by Ceecee James

Mid-Century Modern Murder

Stella is a real estate agent in Florida.  Her family dynamics are dysfunctional at best.  Her Mom is in prison for a crime she did not commit, she has not seen her Dad in a long time, her uncle and grandfather were both FBI agents that are somehow involved in her Mom’s case, and her grandfather has not seen his two sons in years.  On top of this, a Mid-Century Modern house has come into her hands to sell and the people looking at it are concerned about the death of a teenage girl that died mysteriously right around the corner of the house.  The girl’s death was forgotten because of Stella’s Mom’s crime.

Stella finds herself investigating both her Mother’s case (she is up for parole) and the case of the dead teenage girl.  The investigations end up being connected and Stella proves that, although she is not an FBI agent, she can run with the best of them.  This is a rather complicated story but it is well done and definitely interesting.

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