Wild Nights With A Lone Wolf by Elisabeth Staab

Wild Nights With A Lone Wolf

After a case runs amuck, in part because she was sleeping with one of the bad guys, FBI Agent Sherri Walker has decided to take a vacation in Nogales, Arizona.  Arriving in Nogales, all Agent Walker wants to do is take a bath, get a drink and some rest. She is not sure where her career is going now and at the end of a couple of weeks will have to report to duty at a new FBI location with a new boss.

In walks Asher Hughes, a ruggedly handsome, tall motorcycle rider who slides up to the bar and begins a somewhat heated conversation with the bartender.  Agent Walker begins to tense as she watches the exchange and when Asher grabs the bartender and shoves him against the wall she reaches behind her to grab her non-existing gun from her holster.  Asher sees the move and wonders who this woman is and what she is doing in the bar.

Staab has written a fast-paced easy read that has some good action, romance and a bit of altered reality.  You see there is a species of werewolves that live in the western half of the United States. The FBI has even developed training for dealing with them because they tend to run in gangs or packs if you will.  Did I lose you? This is a really fun read, so if you are looking for something light and entertaining, this is great! Just wait until you see how much Agent Walker likes it when Asher growls!

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