Act Fast by R. A. Wallace

Act Fast

Callie Indigo is trying to get her private investigator business to a point where she can actually live off the income it generates.  After her boss died, she opened her own PI office. So far, most of her cases have been created for her to solve by her mother’s wealthy boyfriend so she had some money, but Callie knew if she could just start getting real clients, her business and profits would grow.  Callie is really trying to make it work.

While struggling to make her business work out, Callie’s Mom decides she would like to star in a local play, so her boyfriend finances the production.  A few days before opening night, the male star is found dead and Callie is hired to find the killer. This is just what she needs to get the ball rolling.  

This is the first book in a series.  It is a solid cozy mystery, with some quirky fun thrown in and some interesting turns in the storyline. 

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