That Old Witch! by M. Z. Andrews

That Old Witch

This is a lightweight fun cozy mystery about a group of witches that live in Aspen Falls, Pennsylvania.  Years ago they became the best of friends when studying their craft at the Paranormal Institute for Witches that just happens to be located in Aspen Falls.  Over the years, a couple of friends moved away, some married and some had careers, but they are all back in town. Phyllis, Char, Loni, and Gwyn all have their own little quirky characteristics and Gwyn is saddled with the care of her mother.  Unfortunately, toward the end of their schooling, the girls were given a favorite professor’s spellbook but this gift ended up causing a rift between them.  

It is with sadness that they are all joined together once again at the will reading of one of their closest friends.  She has left the four all her belongs, including the infamous spellbook. But where is the spellbook? How did Kay die, by accident or was it murder?  The mailman that found her is obviously hiding something and the mystery gets bigger and bigger with more fun and mishaps.

A delightful cozy mystery!

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