Pokergeist by Michael Phillip Cash


Clutch Henderson wants nothing more in the world than to win the Las Vegas Poker tournament and walk away with the 8 million dollars, but even more so, he wants the gold link bracelet as a visible announcement of his win.  Clutch was raised by his Grandfather, who had won the tournament years ago. Unfortunately, he dies trying, as he literally has a heart attack in the last hand of the game. Now he is out to find a living person he can teach all his tricks to and get the bracelet vicariously.  

Telly Martin can barely get a win of any kind in life.  He has lost his job and decided to become a professional poker player, but the cards just will not go his way.  Clutch finds Telly, and after some processing about the fact that he now has a ghost following him around, Telly decides to work with Clutch.  Both men have relationship issues, both have a burning need to win.

Cash weaves a tale of obsession and intrigue that keeps the reader on the edge.  In addition, there are a few surprises in the story that add to the intensity of the tournament playoff.  A good read for a weekend or a rainy day!

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