Memories, Murder & Mabel by Sharon Mierke

Memories, Murder & Mabel

First, I love the name Mabel Wickles!  I may change mine tomorrow. Mabel and Flori are best friends, both are senior citizens.  Mabel has never married and is sort-of the stereotypical elderly lady with cats who owns a small store on Mainstreet.  Mabel is having nightmares and in an effort to help her friend, Flori advises her to write down the dreams. Taking her advice, Mabel wakes one night to put it all down on paper, goes for some water and sees two people carrying a body out of the house next door.  

Being Mabel, she cannot let it go and ends up getting Flori involved in breaking into the house next door to find clues as to what is going on.  The action and adventure are surprising in this cozy mystery but it never reaches the point of too much or of being too graphic. Mabel finds herself in the horrible situation of having to commit a terrible crime in order to save her best friend’s life.  In addition, the law is not exactly a fan of Mabel’s which only adds to the complexity of the event. This is a bit more than a cozy mystery but still lacks graphic, offensive language, and sex.

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