Jesus’ Plan For A New World by Richard Rohr

Jesus' Plan for a New World

Richard Rohr is one of my favorite Theologians, so it is not a surprise that I loved this book.  I do want to put a warning with this review: do not read this book if you want to stay comfortable with the status quo.  Rohr goes straight to the heart of what Jesus is saying in The Sermon on the Mount and makes it clear this is about a whole new way of living.  

Rohr begins by giving the reader the historical setting of the speech.  This includes the geographical, Jewish traditions and political climate of the times.  Rohr has done his research well and gives credit to many that have been involved in collecting historical documentation.  He goes on to interpret line by line what Jesus meant with each verse he spoke. Rohr makes Jesus’ teachings so clear that unless you choose to be in denial it is not possible to misunderstand what Jesus was about and what his priorities were for then and for now.  One of the great things about Rohr is he writes in terms the non-religious can understand and he moves you to action and transformation of what it looks like to follow the Christ.

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