The Case of the Screaming Beauty by Alison Golden

The Case of the Screaming Beauty

What a delightful cozy mystery!  Set in Britain and filled with lovely gardens and quirky British people, this is a terrific first-in-a-series read.  DI David Graham comes to the series with some personal issues that, although not completely dealt with in this first story, I expect will be addressed in the future.  He joins Sargent Harris to solve the murder of a beautiful, recently divorced woman who is found dead in her B&B room at the amazing Lavender Inn.  

The Inn seems to me to be the perfect British Inn, complete with fabulous gardens and a lovely couple that owns and manages the Inn.  If I could I would book my stay now! The characters are well developed and I was very surprised that I guessed the wrong person as the killer.  Always a good read when I am surprised!

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