Foliage and Fatality by Karen Musser Nortman

Foilage and Fatality

Let me start by saying I want the car!  I am so jealous and not to mention how much I would love traveling through the countryside in the fall with all the fabulous colors.  Lil and Max are sisters who are in their 70’s. Max has never married and Lil has a son, Terry, with a family of his own. The two sisters set out to visit Lil’s son and family.  Reaching their destination, they discover that their relatives are heavily involved in the local Haunted House that is raising money for a new center in town. Believing that the fundraiser is worthwhile, the two sisters volunteer to help out.  

 Unfortunately, a woman is found murdered in the Haunted House one night and the show is shut down.  Knowing that no more money will be raised until the murder is solved, Lil and Max decide to help the police by solving the murder.  The two sisters do manage to solve the mystery, but not without some mishaps and adventures. This is a fun weekend read for the fall!

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