The Lost Gospel: The Original Sayings of Jesus edited by Marcus Borg

The Lost Gospel Q

We are living in the best time period for Biblical research.  There are more documents available, more accurate translations, and more archaeological finds to make use of than ever before.  Making use of all the available sources only makes sense especially since Jesus came from a rich tradition of research, study, and debate.  Marcus Borg has once again brought together a wonderful edition of The Lost Gospel Q.

Borg goes into depth explaining what this gospel is, where it came from and how it was put together, so if you are worried about it not being part of the original canon, don’t be.  Keep in mind that there are many theologians, professors, religious and learned people who agree that the Gospel of Q had to exist. If you can not get past it, then do your own research and compare the words of Jesus in this to the ones in the Gospels of Matthew and Mark.  Personally, I love having these sayings in this small, easy access book!

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