Tracking the Treasures by WL Knightly

Tracking the Treasure

This was a good read, although frustrating.  Suede Harris (yep, that is the main character’s name) is a 25-year-old student trying to get her life on the right track after the death of her mother.  Supposedly her mother, an alcoholic with a longterm boyfriend (Ted) whom she refused to marry, drove her car into a lake and drowned, but Suede is not convinced.  It did not help that Ted, as the only man she has had as a father figure, was questioned in her mother’s death. After the ordeal, both she and Ted (who happens to be a police detective) were left shattered and unable to function well.  Fortunately, Suede decides to come out of the funk and make a go of her life. Suede has inherited the house and some money, so, for now, Suede is volunteering at the local newspaper and the police department.  

Returning to school, Suede finds herself asked to join a study group where she begins to make friends.  During the course of study, the topic of geocaching for treasure arises and in an effort to keep her life positive she decides to join in.  Suede and her friends discover a human skeleton on top of a geocaching capsule. Since they are all studying criminal justice they call the police and Ted arrives.  Suede and Ted had already discussed her doing an internship with him in the fall, so Suede talks him into letting her start now with the find of the skeleton. During the course of working on the case, the friends all decide that this has to have been a set up because the capsule was under the skeleton.  Working with Ted and the police they set up another day of geocaching in which they discover yet another body. With two dead bodies, Ted realizes he has to call in the FBI.

As to why the story is frustrating …when I began reading this I thought it was a stand-alone story but in fact, there are at least 5 other books in the series and you have to read them all to find out who is the killer.  At the end of this first book, the reader barely meets the FBI agent when the story ends. It is a great way to get the reader to keep reading but really frustrating! I’ll let you know how it goes…..

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