Grimm & Gram: Would You Like Some Tea With Death By Shay Mills

Grimm & Gran

You just never know!  This is a perfect book for the season, and by that I definitely mean Halloween!  Phyllis is in her 80’s but doing very well; as a matter of fact, she is trying to get some things out of the attic by herself.  You don’t need to worry about her living alone because she doesn’t. Her grandson moved in a short time ago after his divorce left him with too much debt for a police officer.  

While in the attic she meets the Grimm Reaper.  Yep, the big, scary, hooded guy with a large sickle is standing in her attic talking to her in a very reasonable fashion.  As time passes Grimm and Gram make a deal on how Gram can add years onto her life because she is just not ready to die.  

Although the story is definitely warped, it is written with style and whimsy.  It reminds me of a Ray Bradbury novella. Just enough creepy to make it fun, but not so much you can not get over it.  Seriously, do not miss this one and why should you, because right now it is free on Kindle Unlimited!

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