Fireflies and Cosmos by J. Darris Mitchell

Fireflies and Cosmos

I got to meet the author at the Texas Book Festival this year – interacting with him was enough to make me get the first book in the series and read it.  He was dressed up as one of the characters in his book, speaking the verbiage and telling stories. What a hoot and what passion! It turns out that his book is even better than he is!

Years ago, the Institute for Organic Expansion began to send out into space spores, seeds, and eggs to 51 planets that were similar to Earth.  Captain Mondragon is now in charge of a ship that goes from planet to planet with a team of ecologists to make sure that humans have what they need to survive; food, water, and air.  On one of the missions, a team member is killed by a bug creature none of them has ever heard of before.  

Their goal becomes replacing the lost team member and getting back to find out as much as they can about the bug.  Enter the comedy part of the story. Unfortunately, the best person to join the team is one of Captain Mondragon’s ex-lovers who thinks he is Don Juan finding a new lover on every planet then dumping them to move on.  

Mitchell is a great writer.  The story has everything you want in it: a sappy love story, a monster creature, interstellar travel, ecology at it’s best and worst, political intrigue and an amazing female lead.  I personally can not wait to read the next one!

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