Mariko Takashi and the Case of the Living Dinosaur by Christopher Bair

Marisko Takashi and the Case

Christopher Bair has written a series of books about a High School Witch who manages the magic in her High School.  Mariko Takashi, the witch, and her sidekick, Alvaro Jameson, work together as detectives to solve supernatural mysteries.  They have not known each other very long and so their relationship is evolving. They are both smart, intuitive and observant, so little gets past them.  

In this, the third story in the series, Alvaro makes a weekend visit to a nearby Museum to satisfy his own interests.  While there he notices a flash of light that can only be interpreted as magic and the next thing he knows there is panic in the room and a dinosaur egg is missing from a display case.  Alvaro immediately calls Mariko for help. As he waits for Mariko to arrive he discovers that someone is reanimating fossilized creatures.

This is a fun, adventurous, exciting, and well-written novel for young adults.  Bair has done a terrific job of creating interesting characters and the various thrilling supernatural crimes they solve.  In addition to the great writing, the book has several fabulous illustrations in it, all done by Bair’s accomplished wife! Enjoy a fun light read, I certainly did!

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