Sweet Revenge by Maisy Morgan


Sweet Revenge (Sweets Shop Cozy Mysteries Book 1) by [Morgan, Maisy]

Sweet Revenge is a well done cozy mystery.  Mary, a retired investigative reporter, moves across the country and opens a sweets shop in a small town in Georgia.  At the time she plans on making this huge change, she is unaware that her 14-year-old grandson will soon be joining her after the death of his father.  Tripp is a typical teenager who is not at all happy about the move not to mention dealing with the death of his Dad. As Mary is getting the new house and the sweet shop ready, the well-known Pastor of the church is found dead.  

Mary can not help herself and gets involved in solving the murder.  Along the way she meets Preston, a local police officer assigned to the case and they begin a romantic relationship as well as teaming up to solve the case.  Town secrets are revealed, Mary and Tripp’s relationship solidifies and the sweet shop gets opened with rave success.  

A terrific weekend read for those that love cozy mysteries!

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